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The potential $YFI vision

"GP stake in the #DeFi automated, arb-focused asset management platform"

Aug 8th, 2020

Link: https://twitter.com/MapleLeafCap/status/1292230400857837574

$AAVE / $LEND Tokeneconomics 2.0

"Equity tranche of a co-op bank"

Aug 1st, 2020

Link: https://twitter.com/MapleLeafCap/status/1289620125813846016


$LUNA Tokeneconomics

"Equity tranche of a nascent Korean-centric / APAC-focused payment network like V/MA"

July 26th, 2020

Link: https://twitter.com/MapleLeafCap/status/1287393900001402882


Musings on Decentralized Asset Manager

"MLN / DHT / SET leveraging someone else's alpha"

July 12th, 2020

Link: https://twitter.com/MapleLeafCap/status/1282331284459655168


Web3 Defi Primer

"MLC's basic framework on Layer-1 / #DeFi Speculation"

July 4th, 2020

Link: https://twitter.com/MapleLeafCap/status/1279525775138529283


Defi speculation pointers

"What to be mindful of when speculating in these protocols"

May 16th, 2020

Link: https://twitter.com/MapleLeafCap/status/1261696799674437632


Musings on Layer 1 & #DeFi

"Nascent thinking around the space before it got hot"

Feb 29th, 2020

Link: https://twitter.com/MapleLeafCap/status/1233919820317515777

Dec 3rd, 2019

Link 2: https://twitter.com/MapleLeafCap/status/1201892727736197120


$DGD Liquidation play

"2.5x return upon liquidation in ETH terms"

Nov 24th, 2019

Link: https://twitter.com/MapleLeafCap/status/1198716273984770055


The $BTC paradigm shift amidst Sino-US arms race

"Potential step-function in demand creation via DCEP generation"

Oct 27th, 2019

Link: https://twitter.com/MapleLeafCap/status/1188485642596032512


Coinflex $FLEX with a shot at deliverable futures exchange

"Cheap valuation and potential defensible niche"

Oct 4th, 2019

Link: https://twitter.com/MapleLeafCap/status/1180095737591468032

Aug 20th, 2019

Link: https://twitter.com/MapleLeafCap/status/1163834977353646080


$ITAM speculative play on NFT

"Mobile game dev with a shot at NFT usage & NFT Exchange"

June 29th, 2019

Link: https://twitter.com/MapleLeafCap/status/1145106312293945344



"Awesome trading sardine, nowhere near a stablecoin"

June 27th, 2019

Link: https://twitter.com/MapleLeafCap/status/1144252401995661313


$ALGO Short / $TALGO Long Saga

"This token is going to go down 90%, buy the cheap put"

2H 2019

Link: https://twitter.com/MapleLeafCap/status/1157101683111026690


$EDG Free money

"Potential 20-50% ROI on staking ETH"

June 16th, 2019

Link: https://twitter.com/MapleLeafCap/status/1140311272493375489


$LEO Exchange Token

"Potentially compelling equity of Bitfinex w/ optionality"

June 10th, 2019

Link: https://twitter.com/MapleLeafCap/status/1138103832515362823

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